3 Easy Ways to Learn Keyboard Keys, Beginners Must Know

The keyboard is sometimes a musical instrument that is difficult for some people to play. However, there are several ways you can do to make learning keyboard keys easier. For beginners who want to learn this one musical instrument, here are easy steps to learn it.

Tips for Learning to Play Keyboard For Beginners

1. Learn the Four Basic Keys of C

For those of you who are beginners, then you can learn first about some of the chords that are located on the basic note of C. For the four keys, they consist of I, IV, V, and also VI. Because, when you learn the keyboard by using the basic C notes first, then it will be easier.

This is because the note combinations contained in the C tone do not use mole (b) or use cress (#). So, later you will be easier to memorize. For that, as a beginner the basic C note is one of the things that you must learn.

In learning the key of the keyboard, which is on the basic note of C, you will find 4 types of basic keys. The first is C which has a chord, namely C E G. Then, there is F which has an A C chord. Next, there is a G chord which has a G B D chord and also Am which has a chord, namely A C E.

2. Basic Chord Consisting of 3 Notes

Then, before you learn the basic notes of the keyboard, you also need to know that there are basic chords of this one instrument that cannot stand alone. There are combinations of various chords that form a single key unit. Of course, this will be very different when you learn other musical instruments such as guitar and others.

For that, you need to know that 1 basic chord of the piano consists of only 3 notes. Call it like a C chord which consists of C E G. As for the D chord, it will consist of D F# A. Then, there are also other chords such as Am which will consist of A C E. And for the Bm chord it will consist of B D F#.

The key has three notes. If you learn keyboard keys, of course you have to pay attention to this. The keys or keyboard chords themselves will be divided into 7 patterns in the basic tone. Generally, the pattern will be written in Roman numerals, namely I – VII.

As for the minor chords themselves, they will be easily recognized by the markings, namely II, III and VI. And for major chords themselves, they will be marked with Roman numerals, namely I, IV and V. In addition, for pattern VII it is often known as a chord that has a special pattern or is called a diminished chord sign.

3. Understand the Keys and Place Your Fingers Correctly

This one thing may seem simple, but it is one way to learn keyboard keys that you should know. Because, learning this musical instrument is not as easy as you think. Not only do you have to memorize the basic keys, but you also need dexterity to move your fingers in rhythm in order to get the right note.

So, you need to learn how to put your finger in the correct position. In addition to self-study, you can use the services of an expert piano teacher. That way, you can play the notes correctly and place your fingers accordingly.

Those are some things you need to learn in playing this one musical instrument. if you are interested, then you can buy the keyboard at the best audio sound system in the music store. The store is an online shopping site that provides various types of keyboards that you need.