Interesting facts about learning music

 Mengejutkan, Inilah 5 Fakta Menarik Musik Bagi Kesehatan

Listening to music is one of the activities that can increase our enthusiasm and mood in doing things such as doing sports activities, cleaning the house, learning activities and so on. But besides that, there are interesting facts about music in the world of health, because it turns out that by listening to music, we can improve the health that is in our bodies. Therefore, on this occasion, Mimin would like to provide information to you about five interesting facts about music for health.

  • Improve mood

By listening to music, we can improve heart health, more precisely we will improve mental health. By listening to music, we can improve our mood so that our mental health will increase. Thus the mental health in us will increase as well. So that with good mental health, our body’s health will automatically improve by itself.

Because basically both physical health and mental health are connected so that when mental health is healthy, automatically the health of the body will feel healthy or will be healthy. Then when his mental health is not healthy, his physical health will also be unhealthy. So we must be able to maintain mental health so that body health can be maintained.

  • Overcoming sleep disorders

The next fact about music in the world of health is that by listening to music we can overcome problems in sleep disorders or commonly called insomnia. There are types of music that can help us overcome the problem of sleeplessness. For example, music that has a calming tempo so that we can feel calm and can overcome existing problems. Because basically one of the causes of insomnia is because we can’t feel calm because of a problem.

So that by listening to music we can feel a little calm and can even feel completely calm. Thus, feelings of worry from feeling uneasy due to problems can be resolved and insomnia can be overcome by listening to the music.

  • Prevent seizures in people with epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disease that causes sufferers to have seizures caused by sudden electric shocks in the brain. By listening to music, people with epilepsy can minimize seizures because listening to music can relax the electrical network in the brain. So there will be no sudden electric shock in the brain.

  • Help post-surgery recovery

One of the interesting facts about music in other health fields is that music can help post-surgery recovery, so for patients who have just finished surgery, it is highly recommended to listen to music, especially music that increases the spirit that is in him. So that post-surgery recovery will be faster and people who have just finished the operation will be quick to return to their activities.

  • Coping with stress

One of the interesting facts about music in the world of health is that by listening to music we can overcome the stress we experience. In the world of health, stress is a fairly serious disease, especially mental stress which is the subject of quite in-depth study. By listening to music, we can deal with stress so that our productivity at work or doing something will increase.


5 ways to play drums for beginners

Therefore, it is recommended for beginners to diligently learn to play drums with a guide so that they can also awaken the ability to understand rhythm so that they can complete how to play the drums to be applied in a band. For those of you who have the desire to become a drummer in a band, maybe these few steps can help in finding the right and fast way to play the drums, Superfriends.

Get to know the complete drum equipment

Unlike other musical instruments that are easy to carry and can be borrowed, when learning how to play the drums, having a large instrument with many elements is a must. Although the course will provide drums for you to practice, it’s still important to have your own drums at home so it’s important to be able to apply what you’ve learned before.

Before you start buying drums, it’s a good idea to do your research first, Superfriends. This research can be done so that you better understand what aspects you find in a drum set. Basically, a drum set is equipped with a snare, tom, floor tom, crash, hi hat, ride, and kick bass. But if you’ve found the right way to play bass and want to explore, you can add other percussion instruments.

Choose the right drum stick

In addition to knowing what is in a drum set, you also need to choose the right size and type of drum stick in learning how to play the drums as a beginner. There are many types of drum sticks with various sizes. Be sure to do your research or ask an instructor to find the right drumstick for beginners.

Usually for beginner drum sticks the weight is lighter than usual. This light weight will make it easier for you to learn how to play the drums using your wrist. So it can maintain momentum and rhythm by swinging. If you feel confident, you can start choosing a size with a heavier weight, Superfriends. This difference will certainly provide a different experience and sound resonance when you start beating the drums later.

Take good care of your body

Getting used to maintaining good posture while playing the drums is also a step in learning how to play the drums properly and correctly for beginners. This is important, because on stage as a drummer you will be sitting there for a long time. Even though it won’t feel sore, good posture will make it easier for your joints and wrists to find a more efficient way to play the drums, so you don’t have to expend excessive energy that can easily tire you out. To maintain good posture when learning how to play the drums for beginners, make it a habit to maintain a straight posture with your head slightly lowered.

Understanding rhythm

As has been informed above, that how to play the drums properly and correctly will not guarantee you will produce harmony when playing music. The next step you need is to understand the rhythm when playing the drums. The drum becomes the axis of beats that maintains the harmonization of the song. For that, you need to learn the rhythm of this beat. You can start with a quarter of a beat, then an eighth of a beat. In addition, practice other rhythm techniques such as the downbeat.

After understanding the rhythm of the beat, start combining the game of snare, kick with hi hat. Hi hat can also be a tempo reference for you to find an efficient way to play the drums. In learning how to play the drums with this step one, make sure you use a metronome so you can follow the beats exactly at different tempos.

Do sticking in your spare time

Sticking is usually used as a means of warming up in how to play the drums for beginners. In addition, sticking can also help your wrist muscles become accustomed and strong to playing the drums for a long time. Make sure to always stick in your spare time. You can buy a drum sticking pad so you don’t damage the drum sticks or the surface of the furniture in the house. Make sure to buy a high-quality sticking drum pad so that it lasts a long time, Superfriends.


3 Easy Ways to Learn Keyboard Keys, Beginners Must Know

The keyboard is sometimes a musical instrument that is difficult for some people to play. However, there are several ways you can do to make learning keyboard keys easier. For beginners who want to learn this one musical instrument, here are easy steps to learn it.

Tips for Learning to Play Keyboard For Beginners

1. Learn the Four Basic Keys of C

For those of you who are beginners, then you can learn first about some of the chords that are located on the basic note of C. For the four keys, they consist of I, IV, V, and also VI. Because, when you learn the keyboard by using the basic C notes first, then it will be easier.

This is because the note combinations contained in the C tone do not use mole (b) or use cress (#). So, later you will be easier to memorize. For that, as a beginner the basic C note is one of the things that you must learn.

In learning the key of the keyboard, which is on the basic note of C, you will find 4 types of basic keys. The first is C which has a chord, namely C E G. Then, there is F which has an A C chord. Next, there is a G chord which has a G B D chord and also Am which has a chord, namely A C E.

2. Basic Chord Consisting of 3 Notes

Then, before you learn the basic notes of the keyboard, you also need to know that there are basic chords of this one instrument that cannot stand alone. There are combinations of various chords that form a single key unit. Of course, this will be very different when you learn other musical instruments such as guitar and others.

For that, you need to know that 1 basic chord of the piano consists of only 3 notes. Call it like a C chord which consists of C E G. As for the D chord, it will consist of D F# A. Then, there are also other chords such as Am which will consist of A C E. And for the Bm chord it will consist of B D F#.

The key has three notes. If you learn keyboard keys, of course you have to pay attention to this. The keys or keyboard chords themselves will be divided into 7 patterns in the basic tone. Generally, the pattern will be written in Roman numerals, namely I – VII.

As for the minor chords themselves, they will be easily recognized by the markings, namely II, III and VI. And for major chords themselves, they will be marked with Roman numerals, namely I, IV and V. In addition, for pattern VII it is often known as a chord that has a special pattern or is called a diminished chord sign.

3. Understand the Keys and Place Your Fingers Correctly

This one thing may seem simple, but it is one way to learn keyboard keys that you should know. Because, learning this musical instrument is not as easy as you think. Not only do you have to memorize the basic keys, but you also need dexterity to move your fingers in rhythm in order to get the right note.

So, you need to learn how to put your finger in the correct position. In addition to self-study, you can use the services of an expert piano teacher. That way, you can play the notes correctly and place your fingers accordingly.

Those are some things you need to learn in playing this one musical instrument. if you are interested, then you can buy the keyboard at the best audio sound system in the music store. The store is an online shopping site that provides various types of keyboards that you need.